Para-guiding in the French Alps

We have been guiding in the Annecy area for the past four years and have experience of guiding up and down the French Alps. We’ve trained new pilots in the UK and abroad and have guided both new and experienced pilots who want to find out what Alpine flying is all about.

Whether you are a new pilot who wants to find out how mountain flying is different, an experienced pilot who wants to learn the nuances of Alpine flying, or a budding XC-hound who wants to learn some of the classic and less well-know XC routes in the area we can tailor our guiding to suit you.

We offer:

  • A one day “Introduction to Alpine Flying” package for pilots who want the basics to fly on their own in the area
  • Day by day guiding suited to your goals or length of stay
  • Full weeks for groups or those who want a bit more assistance.

Contact us for rates and tailor made packages

  • +44 (0)7775 644510

2 thoughts on “Para-guiding in the French Alps

  1. Hi there,

    I am coming to Annecy from the 14th of aug till the 10th sept.
    I have a gin bolero 4 and maybe 20hrs airtime I have a little thermal, expereince( st andre) still not very good at locating the core unless there massive. but I’m looking for more as well as cross country/alpine experience.

    If you are running anything like this or know someone reputable that is I would be most appreciative of you could let me know.

    Best regards,


    • Hi Mark

      Good to hear from you 🙂

      We’re not actually running anything next week – we’re training at the moment to (hopefully) climb Mont Blanc so probably going to be up in Chamonix for the week.

      Drop me an email with a bit more info and I’ll see what I can recommend – where and when did you train, how much flying have you been doing recently? The email is



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