Alpine experience

August 2014 – dates TBC


You’re looking for a chance to explore a few different Alpine sites, get some quality airtime and are ready to join in whatever adventure presents itself during the week!

Thermalling over the glaciers in Chamonix in August
Thermalling over the glaciers in Chamonix in August

You’ll hear people say that Annecy is “too stable in August”. But that may be because they don’t know where to go! It’s generally a time for reliable flying and is the time of year to be around if you want a go at top-landing Mont Blanc!

Les Saisies take-off
High over Les Saisies before heading off to Megeve – 25 Aug 2011

We’ll be based at the Maison du Moulin in the Annecy valley. As well as making the most of the local flying, we’ll explore several of the higher sites within easy reach, such as the 2,000m top to bottom from Grands Montets in Chamonix, meaning we still get fantastic thermalling and even XC potential when we have more stable conditions in the main valley.

For the fitter members, it’s the perfect time for a bit of hike and fly – there’s nothing quite like watching the sun rise over Mont Blanc from the top of Mt Charbon!

The long evenings are perfect for BBQs and lakeside parties. When we’re not flying, the weather is perfect for an evening swim in the lake, and anything else the area has to offer from Via Ferrata to the Annecy firework festival!

Don’t come expecting epic XC flying – spring is the time for those after 100km flights! But if you want to get thermalling practice, airtime, adventure and fun, topped off with some interesting and challenging XC flights so you can start joining the dots for bigger distance next year, this is the trip for you.

And don’t come just to top land Mont Blanc! But if we get the weather window, we’ll give it a go 😉

Minimum requirements

The joy of this trip is that it will be whatever you make it! Our goal is to get everyone some fun experiences and as much airtime as possible. If you’re not sure if this is the course for you, contact us to have a chat about your experience and ambitions. As a general guide, this course is aimed at any pilot with:

  •  A good sense of adventure
  • A good ability to take-off on their own (forward and reverse in a variety of conditions) and experience planning their own landing approaches in unfamiliar fields
  • Some thermalling experience

To book

Contact us to book on

  • +44 (0)7775 644510 

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