A change of pace

Posted by Jenni

Flying over Charbon
Not bad for a slow month - flying over Charbon

Things have felt a bit quiet over the last month or so. Saying goodbye to Becky, variable weather, a bit of flying withdrawal (thanks to the weather) and my first little bout of homesickness made July an odd kind of month.

When I came away, I didn’t really think I’d be staying. I thought I might go back with Becky at the end of June. Or maybe stay for a month or so, then head back. But that’s changed…

Not bad for a slow month - climbing in Verbier

The beginning of July was OK, staying in Annecy, sorting out life, flying a bit and generally having a rest after the hectic adventures of the previous few weeks. But then I was on the road again. I love being on the move, but it can be tiring. And it’s different on your own. After a couple of weeks with a lot of driving, a lot of rain and what felt like very little flying, I finally fled back to Annecy to take stock and chill out a bit. I was feeling homesick and a bit lonely.

But then a few good chats to friends and family, a couple of amazing flights in and around Annecy – my first time on the Aravis and my first time landing out in the Massif des Bauges – put things back into perspective for me. The fact is, I’m having fun!

Port de Lers
Not bad for a slow month - flying at Port de Lers

It can’t be at the same pace as it was in June. That requires too much energy! So it’s time to find a balance. Building up a new life, finding work, making new routines and new networks of friends takes time. I’m not good at being patient, but I don’t really have a choice.

Camping in Ager
Not bad for a slow month - the view from my "bedroom" in Ager

It’s time for a change of pace – I’m slowing down and letting things happen. It doesn’t need to be perfect all the time – I’m making a point of loving the fun bits, taking opportunities that come along, seeking out new people to play with, turning the not so fun bits to my advantage as work or relaxation time, and giving myself time to work it all out. Time to keep it simple – flying, fun and adventures!


One thought on “A change of pace

  1. Very true words Jenni. We all have a dream but you are living it and we admire that. Relax and take the world in and things will always be the same when you get back. Flying is the best therapy in the world and that’s the one thing that binds us all…. I enjoy reading your posts and dream what if! Keep going!!!

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