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After 3,500 miles, 31 days, 15 different flying sites and nearly 30 hours in the air, I’m on my own again.

One of the things that has really defined my trip with Becky has been the giggles. You probably had to be there to really appreciate the little things that made us chuckle every day, but here are a few of them, anyway…

Prosecco on the slackline
Prosecco on the slackline

The cows on take off at Lugano – watching Becky and the others timidly trying to shoo the cows off people’s gliders was a definite highlight. And they sort of succeeded – at least enough to give me space to take-off between them!

Succeeding at drinking prosecco on the slack line to celebrate Becky’s birthday

The Czechs drinking beer on take off in Lugano

Full frontal at Forclaz – why would a man need to change his pants while sitting in the middle of take-off?

Gourdon – both of us overwhelmed by the beauty of this site and our luck at having stumbled across it

Pink and blue – somehow, I was always in pink, and Becky was always in blue, from our clothes, to our perfectly painted (yeah, right) toenails, to the plates and mugs we used

Pink and blue
Continuing the pink and blue theme - chilling out at Interlaken as the fish nibble our toes

So many driving giggles – smelly hitch hikers, wiggly roads, stopping to buy cheese, giving directions in French to overcome Becky’s issues with left and right (it worked!), and driving through torrential rain: “Look at that van in front!”, “No, I can’t even see a van in front!”. And there was also “the wasp incident” where the barely suppressed panic in my voice caused Becky to do an emergency stop when a half dead wasp flew into the van (I was stung later in the holiday proving that my fear was not an irrational one).

200 miles for a day off – both hyper and unwilling to admit how tired we were, we had to trick ourselves into having a day off by driving to Interlaken, the one place within easy reach that was pretty much guaranteed not to be flyable. But it worked out just fine, relaxing as we paddled in the lake with the fish eating our feet.

Luck – In fact everything on this trip seemed to work out just right. The weather gods always smiled, we couldn’t make a wrong decision and luck seemed to follow us everywhere – particularly the luck at more than once stumbling on a group of local pilots about to head up to take-off, inviting us to join them.

Aguille de Midi
We made it!

Above all, this month has shown me that anything really is possible. Overcoming fears together – walking down the arete to take off at Aguille de Midi, driving through the feeling of vertigo coming over the Furka pass and jumping off rocks and rope swings – made us laugh, but also opened our eyes to what we really could achieve.

Thanks Becky for making it all possible!

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