It’s not about the adrenalin

Posted by Jenni

Not quite a SAT
Couldn’t quite hold the SAT

When someone comments that I must be an adrenalin junkie, I reply that flying isn’t about the adrenalin – if you’re getting that much adrenalin, you’re probably doing it wrong.

But, at the same time, you need to be able to deal with the adrenalin. You need to be able to respond in scary situations. And you need to get a kick out of things that others would run away from, otherwise you couldn’t do it.

…However, I’m now beginning to enjoy spirals. And I even got to try my first few SATs recently, even enjoying the really ugly spirals that go along with a failed SAT entry.

In the SAT
In the SAT

It won’t become the main focus of my flying – I’ll never be an acro pilot! But as the trip goes on, I may have been spotted doing the odd spiral (or 10) where I wouldn’t have done so before, and before too long, I’ll hopefully get the confidence to try another SAT or two 🙂

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