Learning to love uncertainty

 Posted by Jenni

I’m no stranger to change. I enjoy it. When I was 13, I decided I needed to change schools. When I was 20, I changed my university course, and when I was 23, I quit my job (it didn’t stick, but that’s another story).

But I’ve never been a fan of uncertainty. At the moment, I’m busy changing my life more than ever before. That takes time and brings one hell of a lot of uncertainty with it. So, to cope, I look at it as a story – with different chapters, probably three books.

Last year was the first book. It was a story in which our heroine – a very normal girl, with a nice normal house and a nice normal boyfriend and a nice normal job – decided that nice and normal just wasn’t going to cut it. There were trials and tribulations, emotional and physical journeys, romance, laughter (lots) and tears (a few) as our heroine broke free to take a completely different path through life. Everything you need for a good book…

But then that brings us to the second book. Where now? More of the same? Yes, there’s adventure and fun and change and challenge and all those things, but from a story point of view, where is it going? So, I think of it like the second book of The Lord of the Rings. They’re on a journey, stuff happens, but it’s all set-up for the third book. It’s about getting everything in place for the real story.

The third book is where it all really happens! The big battle scenes, the real drama, the resolution. But we really don’t know what that’s going to involve yet…

So as I start a new chapter in the second book, I know I still have a way to go. I want to love the uncertainty – it’s not going away any time soon! And if I can embrace it, then hopefully I can make the second book as good as the first. Or at least as good as The Two Towers 😉

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