What a day!

Sunday was one of those magical days – the kind of day that makes you forget that most of your “flying” over the past three months has involved walking up the hill after a minute long flight or shivering at the top waiting for it to become flyable.

I hadn’t expected much. Lying in bed with the laptop, I checked all the local weather stations. The wind was barely blowing and gradually swinging round. No hurry…

Once at Caburn, the car park was full and not a wing in the air. So I took some time to cook breakfast and slowly wandered up the hill. But then a couple of short flights helped remind me what a thermal felt like. So I was ready for when things started to pick up!

Photo thanks to John Young

What followed was two of the most amazing hours flying I’ve had! I chased the experienced pilots out over the road and the river. I braved the sinky air trusting that if they were going up ahead of me, then I would go up as well. And then when I lost all the height and thought I was going down, a bullet of a thermal walloped my wing, so I cranked myself into it and before I knew it, I was level with the top of the hill again!

Today, I was pleased with what I did and learnt. I managed to take off several times in winds that would have scared me away a year ago. I was brave enough to leave the hill behind and not care if I couldn’t make it back. I followed others and didn’t run away just before finding the lift.

Above all, yesterday left me with a huge grin that still hasn’t really gone away. The only downside was that I hadn’t taken my camera up, so I couldn’t capture for myself the beautiful scene of gliders spread across the milky sky with the low sun sparkling off the wet fields below. Next time…

Learning to love uncertainty

 Posted by Jenni

I’m no stranger to change. I enjoy it. When I was 13, I decided I needed to change schools. When I was 20, I changed my university course, and when I was 23, I quit my job (it didn’t stick, but that’s another story).

But I’ve never been a fan of uncertainty. At the moment, I’m busy changing my life more than ever before. That takes time and brings one hell of a lot of uncertainty with it. So, to cope, I look at it as a story – with different chapters, probably three books.

Last year was the first book. It was a story in which our heroine – a very normal girl, with a nice normal house and a nice normal boyfriend and a nice normal job – decided that nice and normal just wasn’t going to cut it. There were trials and tribulations, emotional and physical journeys, romance, laughter (lots) and tears (a few) as our heroine broke free to take a completely different path through life. Everything you need for a good book…

But then that brings us to the second book. Where now? More of the same? Yes, there’s adventure and fun and change and challenge and all those things, but from a story point of view, where is it going? So, I think of it like the second book of The Lord of the Rings. They’re on a journey, stuff happens, but it’s all set-up for the third book. It’s about getting everything in place for the real story.

The third book is where it all really happens! The big battle scenes, the real drama, the resolution. But we really don’t know what that’s going to involve yet…

So as I start a new chapter in the second book, I know I still have a way to go. I want to love the uncertainty – it’s not going away any time soon! And if I can embrace it, then hopefully I can make the second book as good as the first. Or at least as good as The Two Towers 😉

Possibilities vs plans

Posted by Jenni

I had a plan (or many plans). But then I realised, that they weren’t really plans because I wasn’t really doing anything to make them happen. So, I decided to change things.

In the last six months, I’ve been trying to teach myself not to have a plan – just possibilities. This is Becky’s idea, and I’m sure she’ll say something about it when she makes her first post. But it’s not something that comes naturally for me – I like things to be organised.

But I’m learning that if you blindly follow one plan, that can also closes off other possibilities for you. You need options and targets and ideas so you don’t wander aimlessly not achieving anything. But you can achieve more if you simply put yourself in a position where you can make the most of any opportunities that present themselves.

I’m going to stop there for now – just a philosophical introduction to explain the name. But it does give me a few ideas for future blog – my list, discarded plans, advantures and several others. But then, they’re really just possibilities. Who knows what will actually happen?